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Various from April 2006

Blue Tits in our Nesting Box

The reason that we recently had to cancel a barbecue.
Blue Tit hanging outside Blue Tit peeping out

The Canal at Brierley Hill

This is just a short walk up from where I work. The first picture shows the complete difference in character between each bank. The wildlife, as ever doesn't care.
Brierley Hill canal Ducks not caring

A week or so later I finally managed to capture some pictures of the young geese (who keep their distance) and the ducks (who don't).
Geese Group of ducks Duckling near the edge Duckling on his own

Worcester Countryside Centre

This can be found on the Badger Trail. Woodman's humour (it's a mushroom if you can't tell):
Woodsman Humour

Spent an hour or so trying to get some good shots. The robin was almost annoying in that he was willing to jump in front of other birds in order to get into the limelight, but not enough to be easily photographed well.
Robin and Great Tit Chaffinch
Great Tit Robin

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