This would be the list of any odds and ends I have created myself and therefore are available for download here.

Crossword Finisher

A crossword solving program which will help find words which are anagrams or which have certain letters missing.

The dictionary included is UK English. If you want a US version, why not just take all the "U"s out and then change all the "S"s to "Z"? :-) Seriously, the dictionary is fully editable and there are functions included within the program for this.

The help should tell you everything you need to know about using the program. This program is completely free, but please mail me at the address shown in the program and let me know if you used it and/or liked it.

The program installs itself and uses InstallShield and includes an uninstaller. It runs fine on Windows versions from 95 onwards, i.e. Win95, Win98, Win2k, WinXP and Vista. This download is 1799kb and is a self-extracting archive.

Download Crossword Finisher now

Minor Issues on Vista

The application itself runs fine, unfortunately the help file format is no longer supported. This is a recognised problem at Microsoft since they have documented it in this support article and provide the following fix as a download 600kb.

Screenshot from Crossword Finisher

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